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Your unconscious mind is the dark realm where your walls, blocks, and "stuck-ness" reside.  This is where we go to dissolve, destroy, and dismantle all that is keeping your dreams from becoming a reality.  Suffer in deep comfort, as we relax into the power of your creative imagination to come up with your new ways of getting it done.  One of the beautiful aspects of hypnosis is that you can discover changes happen so subtly, and almost outside of your awareness that you might forget to place the blame for your wonderful change where it belongs:  squarely on my shoulders.  That's okay, all I expect is that you either get a hold of me at MichaelWhiteHypnosis.com or email me at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com, or call me at 1-833-466-2447 to schedule a session online.  Personalized recordings cheap!

Ready to do some stomping?  Ready to feel better about those stunning jerks that drive you up a wall?  Michael leads you through some unstoppable hypnosis that will not only make his voice sound like sweet angels, but also help you take control of your mind.  Others led you around on a leash and drove you bananas, now it's your turn to take the reigns and turn your life around.  As usual, go to MichaelWhiteHypnosis.com to get the good stuff, or email Michael directly at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com to get the better!

As the "fun" has worn off and it seems the end is being pushed further away, deeper feelings of stress, anger, anxiety, and insanity are probably popping up!  This recording will help you use exactly where you are at right now to drop into the deepest levels of profound and life changing hypnosis.  Go to MichaelWhiteHypnosis.com or email me at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com to contact me for personalized hypnosis recording cheap or 1 hour online sessions!

Take a break from the insanity.  Breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy the day...still stuck inside.

Practice this work a lot!  Conquering hypnosis is something you can do!  Get yourself ready for all of the benefits of hypnosis (goal setting, wealth building, unstoppable confidence) while conditioning your mind to instantly dissolve daily frustrations.  This is a great time to go inside and make some major and positive adjustments.  Are your ready to go deep?  As always, go to MichaelWhiteHypnosis.com or email me at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com to find out more!

We are all in the same situation.  This hypnosis will help you come up with new ways to experience being inside INSTANTLY!  You can stop bouncing off the walls right now.  You can feel calm here and now.  Michael will teach your unconscious to come up with ways to separate what's happening with how life is "occurring" to you.  This is the perfect time to go inside and make the perfect changes that you really need.  Go to MichaelWhiteHypnosis.com to order a personalized 1 hour hypnosis session for cheap.  What's the specific problem you want to tackle?  Contact Michael at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com.

While we are all in isolation, I'm delivering the hypnotic goods to help you feel calm, de-stress, and unlock your creativity during these times of uncertainty!  Access your unconscious POWERS to feel better, be in the moment, and come up with problem solving solutions for you!  Also, I have drastically cut the cost for personalized hypnosis recordings ($39.00) and one on one Skype sessions ($99 down from $199).  If that's too much and money's tight, I'll just keep put out the hypno-goodness in these podcasts!  Let's get through this together!  Go to: MichaelWhiteHypnosis.com or email me at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com

Insomnia Murder!  That's what these next episodes are all about.  Fall asleep and stay asleep while listening to these episodes.  Go to https://www.yousleepnow.com to work with me one on one, hear more free stuff, or buy recorded sessions!  Listen to ths on low volume.

Personal note:  You are great and deserve the best life (yes, even you)!  My hope is that in some small way these podcasts, my products, or us working together, gets you closer to just that!


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